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September, 2018

Voyage to bottom of our sea will seek fresh life in the darkest places

Marine scientists heading out on a month-long voyage to explore for the first time the deep waters off Australia’s east coast, estimate that up to half of all animals they encounter will be new species or, at least, ones never seen in Australian waters.
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Led by Museums Victoria, the international team of researchers will sample and film the cold, dark abyss that begins where Australia’s continental shelf ends.

It’s an unknown world, largely populated by creatures science is yet to meet.

The pioneering expedition left Launceston on Monday. Over the coming month the 40 scientists on board will sample fish, sea stars, crabs and worms from up to four kilometres beneath the surface.

The team, made up of researchers from 14 institutions and seven countries, will also map the marine seascape for the first time including deep-sea valleys, undersea volcanoes and silty plateaus.

“No one has surveyed these areas, which is pretty weird because sometimes we’re only going to be 100 kilometres off the coast,” said Museums Victoria’s Tim O’Hara, the chief scientist on the “Sampling the Abyss” mission.

Among the larger creatures to call the depths home is Sloane’s viperfish, which holds the world record for largest teeth relative to head size in a fish.

Like many other deep-sea creatures, it’s not what you would call classically good looking. But these are clever creatures, which have evolved over 40 million years to survive in harsh conditions where temperatures hover around 4-5 degrees and life is lived in almost complete darkness.

Another creature of the deep the anglerfish, for example, has evolved to create its own light source using bioluminescence.

Found a kilometre below the surface, the anglerfish uses the light which dangles from an antennae to attract prey. The light hovers just above its mouth.

Researchers will use remote-controlled video cameras to gather footage and dredges to take samples. However a lot of the life lurking in the dark depths will be invisible to the naked eye.

“But they look amazing when you put them under the microscope,” Dr O’Hara said. “They’re all fangs and spines and blobs of jelly.”

Two thirds of the planet is ocean and of that, the majority is deep ocean. Abyss refers to waters deeper than 3.5 kilometres deep.

“At that depth, anything with any air in it at all would be completely crushed, including humans,” Dr O’Hara said.

Fifty-nine research and support staff will live on CSIRO’s research vessel, the RV Investigator.

“It’s no tinnie,” Dr O’Hara said of the $126 million ship. “It’s about 100 metres long and nine storeys high.”

However it will be a dry ship as it travels the 3200 kilometres from Tasmania to Fraser Island before docking in Brisbane on June 16.

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How Richmond blew it: How Fremantle escaped after the siren

Richmond coach Damien Hardwick was in no mood to reveal how his side lost to an after-the-siren goal by Fremantle’s David Mundy at the MCG on Sunday.
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Especially because the Tigers had taken a four-point lead with 21 seconds to play.

“They got the ball, they kicked it forward, they marked it,” was all Hardwick said. “They marked it, pretty simple solution.”

It wasn’t as simple as that.

An AFL club tactical analyst (who wished to remain anonymous) revealed to Fairfax Media what went wrong for Richmond and what went right for Fremantle.

He described the match’s final moments as “a victory for Fremantle’s win-the-game scenario training and a failure for Richmond’s defend-the-lead scenario training”.

Step 1 – Lachie Neale goes to Dustin Martin

The analyst said it is well known among AFL clubs that the way to stop Martin is to put an attacking player on him because “he struggles to defend those kinds of players”.

That’s why Neale went to Martin. First win for Fremantle.

“Martin’s idea of bodywork at any stoppage is to fend off when he has the ball. He isn’t great at stopping a player getting the ball,” the analyst said.

Martin didn’t make body contact with Neale and as the ball was bounced Neale “sells a little side step deception to Martin to wrong foot him”. Neale was then free to run.

On the right of the centre circle, Martin is side-stepped by Neale. All other Richmond mids at the centre bounce make body contact, except for Martin. Photo: Fox Footy

Luckily for Fremantle, Shaun Grigg didn’t win the ball after Sandilands’ initial tap, but Sandilands did manage to force the ball to the right side of the ground (if you’re watching from behind Fremantle’s goals) knowing that Neale would be there. Neale knew Sandilands would tap to that side, the analyst believed.

Step 2 – Richmond half backs are deceived by Fremantle half forwards

The analyst said behind the goal footage that he watched showed that before the centre bounce Fremantle’s half forwards purposefully walked slowly away from the central-half-forward area and centre square line.

It meant there was space for Neale to run into and kick inside 50 with no pressure from in front of him. Second win for Fremantle.

“Only one Richmond defender needed to rush Neale but none did because they’d been sucked away from that area by their man and they were too worried to leave their man,” the analyst said.

Neale (on centre square line) was able to run to that point unchallenged from in front. Photo: Fox Footy

“If Richmond rushed Neale he might be forced to step a player, kick the ball high into the forward 50 or even handball over the top.”

This would have brought Alex Rance into play, the analyst said, because he sat loose and deep in Fremantle’s forward 50 anticipating the long, high kick. Instead Neale was able to pick out David Mundy.

Step 3 – Richmond defensive “caravans” and all that right-side space

While Fremantle’s high forwards moved their opponents away from the space Neale wanted to run into, the Dockers’ deeper forwards moved to the left side of the forward 50 so the right side remained free.

This was where Mundy led to. The analyst said Richmond’s defenders were too worried about playing on their man from behind, another fatal flaw. Third win for Fremantle.

Fremantle’s forwards have dragged Richmond’s defenders away from the right side of the ground to create space for Mundy’s lead. Photo: afl南京夜网419论坛

“If Richmond’s defenders set up in a zone to guard all of the dangerous space it’s more likely we would have seen a contested situation,” the analyst said.

“Dylan Grimes also should have played in front of Mundy and Rance should have been able to get to the contest”, the analyst said. “Ideally Grimes and Rance would have sandwiched Mundy and spoiled if Richmond had been defending in more of a zone.”

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Gagai insists Knights the focus as Souths prepare to swoop

Gagai insists Knights the focus as Souths prepare to swoop STRONG TIES: Greg Inglis and Dane Gagai after a game at McDonald Jones Stadium last year. Picture Getty Images
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TweetFacebookDane Gagai responds to speculation about future. @[email protected]@[email protected]南京夜网/wAOlStX7s4

— James Gardiner (@JamesGardiner42) May 15, 2017

Knights coachNathan Brown said in a radio interview on Monday that he washopeful of retaining the star attacker.

“We love Dane,” he said.“We know he’d love to stay but also that the market’s very hot at the moment.”

Knights chief executive Matt Gidley confirmed last week that the Knights have resources to sign two“genuine marquee” players and have held talks with Cooper Cronk and James Graham.

They have offered Gagai a “very good” deal but Brown conceded that the NRL-owned franchise may not be able to match third party agreements other clubs are able to procure.

“What someonemay be able to afford to pay Gags and what we may be able to afford could be two different things,” Brown said.

“In an ideal world Gags would stay. Deep, deep down I know he’d love to stay but I also know he has a young family as well.What ends up happening I don’t know but hopefully it works in our favour.”

Cronulla, the Roosters and St George Illawarra have also expressed an interest in Gagai, who is the highest profile centre on the market.

TheHeraldunderstands part of the attraction to Souths is an opportunity to play alongside fellow Queenslander and indigenous leader Greg Inglis.

South Sydney utility John Sutton laid out the welcome matfor Gagai on Monday.

“He is a good player and has been playing well for the Knights,” Sutton said.“If that is the case it would be a real good signing for the club.”

​If Gagai does sign with the Rabbitohs, it remains to be seen if he plays out the season at the Knights.

Brown created a precedent when he releasedTariq (Dragons) and Korbin Sims (Broncos) and Joseph Tarpine (Raiders) early.

Gagai has not given up on the Knights making the finals.

“Finals football is not out of my sights,” he said.“It started with a win against the Raiders. We have to make sure we back that up now and hopefully string a few more together.”

Meanwhile, Jacob Saifiti could take is place in the side against Penrith on Sundaydespite being taken to hospital after injurying his neck against the Raiders.

Scans cleared the second-rower of major damage and he will be assessed later in the week. Josh Starling (hand) and Lachlan Fitzgibbon (knee) could also line up against the Panthers.

North Korea’s latest missile launch ‘ignored’ by China

Beijing: China’s apparent anger at North Korea’s latest missile test saw a ban on any mention of the successful launch in state-controlled media on Monday.
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The longer range of the Hwasong-12 (Mars-12), which travelled 787 kilometres and reached an altitude of 2111.5 kilometres, caused alarm internationally on Sunday. The China Daily, The Global Times and People’s Daily noticeably failed to report it.

US experts at the North Korean missile-watch centre 38North said the launch was a “substantial advance” towards the development of an intercontinental ballistic missile which might have the capacity to strike the US base at Guam.

The centre’s John Schilling wrote that the missile would have flown 4500 kilometres if launched on maximum trajectory. South Korea’s Yonhap reported that the missile appeared to have used a new type of fuel.

But Chinese experts approached for comment replied the missile was not as important as President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road summit taking place in Beijing.

The missile was fired on the same morning Mr Xi gave a keynote speech to the global trade and infrastructure summit, attended by 29 world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

North Korea’s state newspaper Rodong Sinmun devoted three pages to photographs showing “Dear Supreme Leader” Kim Jong-un’s jubilation at the success of the missile, after recent failures.

The North Korean newspaper said the missile test was conducted at the “highest angle in consideration of the security of neighbouring countries” and aimed to verify the capability of a “newly-developed ballistic rocket capable of carrying a large-size heavy nuclear warhead”.

Kim had urged the military to “speedup development of mid-long range ballistic missile”, the report said.

Mr Putin’s presence at the Belt and Road summit, and his “stroll” around a state guest house grounds with Mr Xi, reminiscent of US President Donald Trump’s stroll at Mar-a-lago in April, was heavily reported by Chinese media.

Russia and China, both significant trading partners of North Korea, have stepped up dialogue over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program in recent weeks.

Vladivostok could be offered as a venue for international talks with North Korea, said the director of the Carnegie Moscow Centre, Dmitri Trenin, a former Russian military officer.

“Russia is hardly jealous of China being the main partner for the US” in trying to resolve the difficult issue, Mr Trenin wrote in the Global Times.

Russia would be careful not to allow itself to be used by Pyongyang, which had previously attempted to play its neighbours off against each other, he said.

The United Nations Security Council will meet on Tuesday to discuss a response to the missile test, which came days after the election of a new South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, who has suggested he would be willing to negotiate a weapons freeze with North Korea.

Mr Trenin said Moscow believed “it is futile to expect North Korea to enter meaningful negotiations on limits to its weapons program” until it had developed a nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching the United States.

On Sunday, the White House pointedly mentioned how close to Russia the latest North Korean missile landed.

The latest missile didn’t technically cross the red line of a nuclear weapons test or intercontinental ballistic missile that would trigger a new round of sanctions, but breached existing UN resolutions.

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Stefanovic and Yarbrough’s PDA at Fashion Week … beside their mothers

He’s not typically known as a fashionista, but that didn’t stop Karl Stefanovic from putting on an amorous display with girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough as they sat front row at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia on Monday afternoon.
Nanjing Night Net

Yarbrough, 33, a former model and shoe designer, clung onto the Today show host, 42, despite it being a family affair with their mothers, Jenny Stefanovic and Cheryl Yarbrough, and Yarbrough’s sister Jade, sitting next to them.

They were also joined in the frow by Today’s entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins to watch his son Christian walk at Justin Cassin’s show at Carriageworks. International model, Jordan Barrett, also hit the runway.

Despite being fodder for countless paparazzi pictures, it was their official debut as a couple.

Yarbrough, who has been dating Stefanovic for at least three months, seemed to lap up the attention as the flashbulbs descended on the pair, however, Stefanovic did not look as comfortable, grimacing as he leaned into her.

She jokingly squeezed his chin at one stage to help him feign a smile.

While the lovebirds were making their mark on the social scene, Thorburn, Cassandra Stefanovic’s wife of 21 years, whom he left in July last year, was believed to have been in North Sydney on the school run for their three children – Jackson, 17, Ava, 12, and River, 10.

Stefanovic has been growing closer to Yarbrough and her family over the past few weeks, spending last weekend with them in Brisbane and jetting to Cabo, Mexico, to holiday with Yarbrough’s parents and her brother last month.

Fairfax Media reported on Sunday that Thorburn is considering legal action over a report in last weekend’sThe Sunday Telegraph that claimed she and her estranged husband came to an agreement on their split with the odds strongly in her favour.

The page 3 “exclusive” claimed that Thorburn, who left her own journalism career to take care of the couple’s three children, walked away with “$6 million in assets” including the couple’s unfinished Cremorne home, while Stefanovic, who earns an estimated $2.5 million a year from Channel 9, endorsement deals and hosting events, agreed to “$500,000 in cash and assets” and his “beloved white Mercedes [Benz]”.

“This is entirely untrue, nothing has been decided or agreed. The report is absolute garbage and it’s really hurting the kids and Cass,” a family member told Fairfax Media.

“We have no idea where this information came from. For instance, the Merc – that is a deal that Karl gets as part of being Karl.”

The Telegraph reported that Stefanovic, 42, took “a hit” financially and “put up very little resistance” to his Thorburn so he could see their children.

“The inference that Cassandra would have traded the children for money has totally devastated her. She is a woman who is totally dedicated to the children,” a second family member said.

“She is talking to her lawyers about what her options are.”

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.